How we do business and create value for our stakeholders

Our mission in 3 steps:- 1) Reduce I.T. costs without reducing performance 2) Reduce carbon emissions associated with the production of I.T. 3) Reduce customer risk to refurbished I.T. is in the business of providing you with adequate data processing capacity at a significantly lower cost than you would expect.

By going over to refurbished I.T. you and will save the earth from the environmental impact that would have been caused by the production of a new machine. reduces your risk to refurbished I.T. through a thoroughly carried out equipment acquisition and refurbishment process supported by an after sales service structured around various warranties, cancellation and equipment replacement commitments.

Where does our stock come from? sources most of the equipment it deals in from large local and multinational corporates who usually require equipment refreshment in 3 year cycles.

What happens to it?

On returning the equipment to our warehouse service providers, the equipment is cleaned, tested, securely data-wiped and where necessary, repaired back to full operational capacity by highly qualified technicians.

How do we dispose of our stock?

The refurbished equipment is marketed by to prospective environmentally conscious customers wanting to acquire or lease good quality, high performance branded I.T. equipment at very competitive prices with much lower associated risk due to our attractive money-back and warranty offerings.

What else do we deal in?

For the time being focuses primarily on I.T. equipment (excluding things like printers, copiers, and other forms of office automation) such as laptops, desktops and peripherals. 

As we deepen our drive to extend the useful life of assets and reduce the environmental impact that production of new equipment has on the environment, we will expand the asset classes in which we deal significantly in the near future.