Affordable Refurbished Technology

Chances are, as an individual or business owner, you have spent a lot of time calculating areas where you could save money. Most likely, you have also thought about how best to reduce your environmental footprint, as we all strive for a greener future in the same way.
Re. Works allows you to do just that, helping you save the planet and reduce your spending. Why buy new when you can get the same functionality for less? Contrary to popular belief that "obsolete" does not necessarily mean 'less than,' obsolete technology is often almost brand new!

Our Brand Promise

Down-to-earth, affordable technology - Protecting the environment, repairing past environmental damage, and preserving the earth's natural resources. With the constant expansion and advancement of technology, certain electronic devices can be beyond the budget of most individuals or businesses. We want you to benefit from incredible savings when you choose one of our refurbished devices.

ReThink IT │ ReThink Sustainability │ ReThink Your Future

Discover affordable technology for a sustainable future.

At Re.Works Africa, we believe in down-to-earth, affordable technology that not only meets your needs but also contributes to protecting the environment and preserving our precious natural resources.

We are committed to repairing past environmental damage caused by electronic waste. By offering refurbished devices, we give you the opportunity to make a sustainable choice and reduce your carbon footprint.

Together, let's pave the way for a better tomorrow.


Personally I have received nothing but quality customer care from the team. My requests are usually handled by a lovely lady by the name Cressanda, an absolute gem. If you’re looking for speed and quality she’s who you need to ask for. Thanks team

Monty Mathibe

Efficient, fast service. Received laptop as advertised, clean and even looks new. Very impressed. Can recommend as an alternative to buying new, high prised laptops. Will definitely consider again for next purchase.

Martin Ras

I would like to thank CJ and your team for ensuring that the laptop was delivered to me. Excellent customer service, it has been a pleasure doing business with you

Brian Chapman

Service from Reworks was excellent thx

Gawie Smal

Quick, efficient service and delivery. Good refurbished machines at reasonable prices.

Craig Cawood

Quality Products

All of our products undergo stringent soak testing to ensure optimal quality.

Saving the Environment

Refurbished products help to limit the impact on our precious planet.

Great Value

Save thousands on branded PC's and Laptops without compromising on functionality.

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