Reasons to buy a Pre-Owned Laptops

Reasons to buy a Pre-Owned Laptops

You already know that buying a pre-owned laptop is going to save you some cold hard cash but did you know there are so many more benefits to buying pre-owned than just the saving? 

1. Saving the Planet one byte at a time 

By buying pre-owned laptops you are keeping our landfills free from perfectly good I.T. Since nearly 90% of landfill waste is not recycled, you can play a small, but crucial part in keeping our plant healthy

2. No compromise on technology 

Think of the reasons you need a laptop. Are you operating complicated programmes that need the latest technology? Probably not! So why pay for extras that you won't ever need. Think of it like buying a car, would you need the most expensive sports car to drive to and from work? Yes, it would be nice but totally unnecessary! 

3. No gotchas 

Buying a pre-owned laptop from a trusted and reputable trader, like ReWorks, means you can have peace of mind knowing your laptop is fully backed with either a 6 - 12 month warranty and a 7 day money back guarantee 

4. Great for bulk buys

Higher spec for less budget means you can make your budget streeeeeeetch, which is excellent news if you need to buy laptops in bulk. 

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